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The MH Hub provides EXPERT, TAILORED services to meet your specific needs around female health. Blending human rights with Women-Centered Design, the MH Hub advises both the public and the private sector on how to take projects, products & services to the next level.

For NGOs / Public Sector


MATCHMAKING: Looking for a new partner to work with, or to fund? We can help you find the right organization or company to suit your needs. With an in-depth knowledge of the many diverse actors in this space, we provide menstrual matchmaking services where we connect people to increase your collective impact.


RESEARCH: The MH Hub has a team of qualified and competent female health experts who are able to: conduct qualitative or quantitative research; complete program needs assessments or baselines; develop content and training materials; and lead market research.


TECHNICAL PROGRAMMING: If you are looking for support in developing, or implementing your menstrual health-focused program, get in touch! We are able to assist in developing small or large scale projects, or mainstreaming menstrual-health focused interventions into your existing programs.


CUSTOMIZED & THEMATIC PACKAGES: With an incredible repository of knowledge that we are collecting and curating, the MH Hub will create thematic and/or regional packages for your organization. Speak to us further about creating a thematic package tailored for you.


For Business / 

Private Sector 



WOMEN-CENTERED DESIGN WORKSHOPS: Are you a start-up, corporate, or investor looking to innovate around female health and Femtech? We provide a variety of Design Thinking workshops that use the MH Hub’s unique ‘Women-Centered Design’ approach to build products and services that respond to women’s specific needs. We work with your team to inspire, ideate, and implement around all the stages of the female life cycle in both developed and emerging markets, supporting with market segmentation, business model development, price-point identification and so much more.


WOMEN-CENTERED MARKETING & BRAND DEVELOPMENT: We work with corporates, start-ups and social enterprises to support the strategic development and positioning of female health-related products, brand and companies. We provide tailored advice on branding, help you design and build marketing campaigns and communications content, as well as coordinate events to launch your new brand.


FEMALE HEALTH PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT: Are you an corporate, investor or donor looking to expand your portfolio to encompass female health? We provide support in the strategic development of your investment portfolio, including innovation scouting, start-up technical advice and due diligence.


FEMTECH FUNDRAISING ADVISING: Our team of innovation and investment experts will work closely with your startup to find investment capital from pre-seed to series D funding. Exploring grant, angel and VC options, we are able to support the development of appropriate fundraising plans including innovation grant applications, pitch deck development, and provide strategic introductions to suitable investors.



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