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reimagining female health 


The MH Hub’s sister consulting agency ‘Madami‘ specializes in gender and female health. Here we strategically advise businesses, institutions and financial players on how to create inclusive, sustainable business practices and design Women-Centered products, services and programmes.

What we offer


We provide BUSINESS AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT to start-ups, corporates and accelerators to apply a gender-lens across the business or product life cycle using our Women-Centered Design framework, including:

          • Designing and developing new products with innovation team to meet changing consumer needs
          • Improving product innovation and delivery in emerging markets


We conduct MARKET RESEARCH to support businesses and investors to understand new market and consumer trends across the female health lifecycle, and be able to adapt, grow and scale in response to these trends. Our expertise includes: 

          • Understanding and summarizing new market and consumer trends across female health lifecycle which may impact existing or future market penetration
          • Internal strategic advising on company positioning in the female health markets and opportunities for growth and scale


We work with corporates, start-ups and social enterprises to strategically develop and position female health-related products, brands and companies through ethical and inclusive COMMUNICATIONS AND BRAND ACTIVISM.

            • Developing inclusive communications content to support companies to position themselves in response to disruptive innovations and brands
            • Supporting companies to produce intersectional and inclusive communications during social or political movements/crises (eg. #MeToo, COVID-19, etc.)
            • Quality assurance on female health campaigns and branding, reviewing and adding inclusive and accurate language
            • Internal strategic advising on brand activism


We BROKER STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS between corporates, start-ups, social enterprises, and investors to support partnership development, due diligence and community engagement, including:

            • Partnerships: Identifying and connecting with start-ups, social enterprises, or non-profits to partner with
            • Investment opportunities: Identifying and connecting with start-ups, social enterprises, or non-profits to invest in


As prominent experts in the menstrual and female health space, we do SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS around a variety of different topics for webinars, conferences, guest podcasts, Instagram Lives, etc. Topics can range from:

            • General expertise in gender & female health
            • Menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) innovation
            • Women-Centered Design and the future of innovation and investment
            • Human rights and female health


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