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This report sets out to inform and influence the ongoing process to establish unified standards around menstrual products, worldwide.Ensuring that menstruators have access to affordable, accessible and appropriate solutions that meet their MH needs can ensure they have greater freedom to engage in social, economic and educational opportunities. A comprehensive analysis of shared perspectives reveals that menstrual health (MH) businesses are by and large regulating themselves and creating their own systems of quality assurance in the absence of international standards.

In this consultation with seven (7) MH businesses and select MH experts, we gathered and organized insights around the following areas: transparency, quality, materials, packaging, classifications, entering the MH market, existing local and global standards, innovation and responsibility and collaborative efforts.

We sincerely thank Aakar Innovations, Aisle, AFRIpads, Callaly, DivaCares / DivaCup, Einhorn, Kasole Secrets Company / Glory Sanitary napkins for sharing their knowledge, experiences and recommendations with us. Our gratitude also goes out to experts from the Reproductive Health Supply Coalition, The Case For Her, the Swedish Institute for Standards, and UNHCR-UNFPA for their valuable feedback and contributive perspectives on the findings presented.

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In Standards We Trust - Building the case for international standards for menstrual products

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