Increasing individualized approaches in contraceptive decision-making

By Emily Sheene of the Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub).

The pill. Even if you aren’t active in the female health space, you would likely know which pill “the pill” refers to.

Oral contraceptives or birth control pills have been considered a quick-acting, reversible and ‘modern’ method of contraception (just like condoms or injectables). They can be composed of either a combination of estrogen and progestin or progestin only. The pill is only one option in a wide range of contraceptives such as implants, intrauterine devices, injections, vaginal rings, patches, condoms, fertility awareness methods, abstinence and sterilization, among others. With each option come different levels of maintenance, costs, effectiveness and side effects. The birth control pill with typical use is 91% effective (99% with perfect use) and can average in price between $0 and $50.

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