Terms of Reference (ToR) for Policy Fellow with

The Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub)


The Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub) is a global and interdisciplinary Community of Practice (CoP) for menstrual health actors and practitioners. The MH Hub seeks to overcome geographical and thematic barriers to help professionalize a fragmented field and strengthen collective impact at the local, regional and global level. Our vision is a world where menstrual health is a priority in advancing gender equality, because we see menstrual health as critical to closing the gender gap.

Our mission is to improve communication, connection and collaboration within the menstrual health community through an online platform that centralizes research, education and learning, policy and innovation (our pillars of engagement). We want to catalyze action on this important topic by raising the profile of menstrual health work, and ensuring that all actors and practitioners in this field have the necessary resources and opportunities to improve menstrual health.   At the MH Hub, all our work is guided by six principles which encompass who we are, and the attitude we take: Centralization and Connection, Cross-sector Communication, Constructive Contribution, Curation, Credit, and Cooperation.

Policy Fellow Responsibilities

In order to support the work of the MH Hub, we are currently recruiting a Policy Fellow to assist in populating The Menstrual Health Hive.

This ToR outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Policy Fellow, and expected outcomes at the completion of the fellowship. The Policy Fellow will assist in mapping, collating and researching of various menstrual health policies to develop a comprehensive picture of local, national, regional, international, and business policies associated with menstrual health. They will be expected to provide inputs as to how to best to document these policies and how the MH Hub can best put them to use.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Provide inputs / build off of the existing MH Hub policy framework into a coding system / structure that captures relevant information
  • Map and document the menstrual policies from around the world
  • Identify best practices, lessons learnt, experiences on developing and implementing menstrual health policies
  • Create snippets / stories for external communications, such as blog posts, social media, etc.
  • Support in advocacy and awareness raise events
  • Attend regular work progress meetings (to be mutually scheduled) as well as be available via email, chat forums, and phone for urgent matters.

The Policy Fellow will be given adequate support and introductions to key stakeholders to be able to complete the aforementioned tasks. Tasks can be revised by the line manager if their scope proves beyond the allocated fellowship period.


This position reports to Ms. Mariana de la Roche, the Chief Policy Officer of the MH Hub.

Time Commitment & Expectations

It is expected that the Policy Fellow will be able to commit to 10 hours a week preferred, this is negotiable based on the candidate’s needs.  The Policy Fellow will be required to check in once a week via Whatsapp, email or Skype with the line manager to check on progress, provide feedback and support where necessary.


The Fellowship will be for a period of three months, beginning September 1st, 2019 and ending December 1st, 2019. If the MH Hub or the inter which to terminate, or amend the period in this agreement, written notification must be given by the party seeking to change the terms and condition


This is an unpaid fellowship. All associated costs must be borne by the Fellow unless provided for by a sponsoring institution, e.g. university, education programme, etc.

If the candidate requires or requests upskilling in a certain area the MH Hub will (where possible) support the Policy Fellow’s professional development through mentoring and coaching.

Upon the successful completion of the fellowship, and fulfilment of duties, the MH Hub will provide a written reference for the Policy Fellow and be a reference when necessary.