Terms of Reference (ToR) for Communications Intern

The Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub)


The Menstrual Health Hub gUG is a female health nonprofit. We work to support innovative approaches and build and connect a vibrant ecosystem of investors, social enterprises, donors, NGOs, researchers and advocates invested in advancing female health. The MH Hub seeks to overcome geographical and thematic barriers to help professionalize a fragmented field and strengthen collective impact at the local, regional and global level. Our vision is a world that is committed to the collective and meaningful recognition that menstrual health is a priority in the progression towards gender equality.

Our mission is to improve communication, connection and collaboration within the menstrual health community through an online platform that centralizes research, education and learning, policy and innovation (our pillars of engagement). We want to catalyze action on this important topic by raising the profile of menstrual health work, and ensuring that all actors and practitioners in this field have the necessary resources and opportunities to improve menstrual health. At MH Hub, we see the menstrual cycle as the entry point to female health issues more broadly and promote connection and collaboration across the space in order to strengthen collective impact around women and girl’s empowerment and development.

Our work is guided by six principles which encompass who we are, and the attitude we take: Centralization and Connection, Cross-sector Communication, Constructive Contribution, Curation, Credit, and Cooperation.


Communications Intern Responsibilities:

This ToR outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Communications Intern and expected outcomes at the completion of the internship.

Key responsibilities include: Social media, design, communications, crafting newsletters, podcasting, blog writing, event management, community management and data analysis

Social Media and design

1. Sourcing, creating and sharing content around menstrual health research, education, policy and innovation and sharing in internal MH Hub Slack group
2. Regular maintenance of MH Hub social media platforms Facebook and Twitter including posting in relevant groups and analytics as needed
3. Feeding visual content to MH Hub Communications Intern responsible for Instagram


Menstrual Memo

4. Work with the Executive Director to collect ‘victories’, job postings, campaigns, events or other information as deemed important around menstrual and menstrual health for the Menstrual Memo.
5. Incorporate Inner Circle partnership content when necessary
6. Incorporating MH Hub-own content and calls to action to the Global Menstrual Health Registry, Menstrual Map and Knowledge Hive.
7. Draft the newsletter using Mailchimp, including adding in all visuals, links, and design as needed for review to the Executive Director.
8. Review analytics of newsletters and learn how to optimize content for improved Memo open-rate and click-through performance


Event management

9. Helping promote and run the Berlin Female Health Collective monthly Meetup groups
10. Assisting Mariana de la Roche, Chief of Operations with occasional special event coordination


Other communications

11. Creating 5-8 original pieces of content for MH Hub blog posts / Medium
12. Editing other MH Hub blog posts for posting online
13. Collaborating with Berlin-based female health podcasters to create a MH Hub podcast partnership
14. Using online tools and programs such as Slack, Canva, Buffer, Trello, Mailchimp, Google Docs, etc.
15. Any other task related to the main purpose of the Internship required by the Executive Director



This position reports directly to Ms. Danielle Keiser, Executive Director (75%) and Mariana de la Roche, Chief Operations Officer (25%).


Time Commitment & Expectations

It is expected that the Communications Intern will be able to commit to 5-10 hours a week. Working hours are flexible and can take place Monday to Friday, with weekly calls/check-ins with the ED.  The Internship will be for a period of 6 months.


Expenses and Location

This is an unpaid internship. The Intern will be based in Berlin, Germany at the Factory Mitte (Rheinsbergerstraße 76/77) for the duration of the internship or work remotely. All associated costs must be borne by the Intern unless provided for by a sponsoring institution, e.g. university, education program, etc.