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Know your Cycle: Peaceful & Productive Periods


Date: 09/30/2021

Organization: Madami

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Is your period holding you back? Are you struggling with PMS? Do you want to better plan your social calendar, salary negotiations, or writing schedule?

At Madami, we want to help you become friends with your cycle!

While half the world’s population will menstruate, on a daily basis many of us struggle with understanding, managing and responding to our cycle in our personal and professional lives. Join this exciting and participatory workshop with Madami’s Maria Carmen and Aurelia to help you learn how to manage your cycle and have a more productive and peaceful period!

The workshop will provide you with useful tools on tracking and navigating your cycle phases so you can understand when and how to truly rest, plan workflow to improve your productivity and schedule important work and social events to increase your overall well being.

We welcome people from all backgrounds to join us with this being a gender-inclusive event. We look forward to having you!



About the workshop

Know your Cycle: Peaceful & Productive Periods - Increase your menstrual wellbeing and productivity through cycle optimisation.

This workshop is for you, if you:

  • Would like to learn more about and connect to your menstrual cycle
  • Often feel exhausted or overwhelmed by tasks at work/home
  • Would like to channel your productivity more mindfully
  • Have difficulties to truly rest and are always on the go

This workshop can help you to:

  • Understand that you are a cyclical being
  • Tap into the full potential of your cyclical productivity
  • Align work and private commitments with your cycle
  • Understand and start working on PMS and period-related pains

What you can expect from this workshop:

  • You will learn about the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle: menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation and pre-menstruum
  • You will explore in which phase you feel the most at home with yourself
  • Insight tips on healthy productivity and mindful resting
  • You will learn when to schedule your appointments and when to truly rest
  • Sharings in pairs or small groups with other participants

What you need for this workshop:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Functioning camera and microphone
  • A cozy, intimate space where you feel at ease
  • Pen and paper
  • Your favorite drink


About your workshop hosts

Madami by the MH Hub is a social impact agency specializing in gender, female and menstrual health.

Maria Carmen works as a Menstrual Health Researcher and is a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She feels most at home in her menstrual phase, where she feels creative and peaceful.

Aurelia Serena works as a Somatic Coach and is a Red School Menstruality Leadership student. She feels most at home in her luteal phase, where she enjoys setting boundaries more easily.