When we talk about human rights, and in particular about the right of health, it is important to keep in mind that this right is fully connected with all other human rights.

By Mariana de la Roche and Nikki van de Veerdonk for the Menstrual Health Hub

Menstruation is a natural and vital part of the reproductive cycle, experienced by approximately half of the human population. Yet menstruators all over the world are faced with many challenges when it comes to managing their menstruation, often times preventing them from realising their basic human rights, turning the biological fact of menstruation into an obstacle touching various areas of living.

Rather than approaching menstrual health as a separate sector, it is crucial to recognize it a precondition for the achievement of a wide range of affiliated human rights. Menstrual health is a matter of human rights. Making use of the human rights framework is vital when striving to realize universal and inalienable rights for girls, women and those who menstruate.

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