Caregiver perspectives on managing menstruation for people living with severe disabilities

Guest post by Nicole Casanova for the Menstrual Health Hub

Puberty can be brutal.

For many, puberty is a word that calls colorful memories to mind — a highlight reel of the most challenging, confusing, and often embarrassing phase of every young adult’s life. With the biological changes that allow for reproduction, young people face the burden of adjusting to an onslaught of physical, mental and emotional changes.

For those living with a disability these challenges are often magnified as they navigate the double stigma of living in a body that is both menstruating and disabled.

Evidence to-date suggests that young people who live with disabilities face a number of particular considerations when managing menstruation, and they are often overlooked in discussions around menstrual equity and dignity.

Today we will explore some of these experiences through the stories of Mary and Michele (full interview here), two women based in the US who are preparing to care for Aubrie, a young woman with a severe neurodevelopmental disability, as she approaches menarche.

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