At the Menstrual Health Hub we love a good menstrual collaboration. It is no surprise then that when PSI-Europe, in collaboration with The Case for Her, published the Technical Brief for the Integration of Menstrual Health in SRHR last month we were reading it in a flash!

By Charlotte Amrouche and Maria Carmen Punzi for the Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub)

This brief outlines the lessons we can all learn from local networks working in SRHR programmes in Angola, Ivory Coast, Haiti and Central America. Importantly the advice on the integration of menstruation into SRHR is formed directly from the questions that young people are asking about the menstrual cycle.

Our brilliant Innovation Advisor, Maria Carmen Punzi, who is the Menstrual Health focal Point for Population Services Internal (PSI), was the lead researcher on this project and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have our new Education & Learning Fellow, Charlotte Amrouche, sit down with Maria Carmen to discuss this brief together.

Together Maria Carmen and Charlotte discussed the overlaps between Menstrual Health and SRHR from their distinct perspectives of Innovation and Education & Learning.

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