By Charlotte Amrouche, Communications Fellow

As we start this exciting new year I wanted to say ‘hello’ and introduce myself as one of the faces behind the Menstrual Memo! As we plan for 2019, I’ve spent a little time looking back at your engagement with the Menstrual Memo throughout 2018.


Hello! I’m Charlotte and I’ve been working with the fabulous Co-founder of the MH Hub, Danielle Keiser, since last summer. It’s been great sharing news from across the global menstrual health community with you.

We thought it was important to share with you what this community responded to throughout this last year.

The MH Hub is here to support this community, connecting us from different corners of the earth and from different practices. So here are a few highlights from last year!

First off, we were delighted to find that Menstrual Health Hub content was the second most clicked on content after our victories! To jog your memory, this included our video about the important of joining the Global Menstrual Movement, calls for you to join our growing Global MH Registry and information from our bursting Knowledge Hive.

Over the next few months we are going to show you more from our Knowledge Hive, so keep your eye on the Memos. And don’t forget this blog which will be launching some exciting new content soon (hint it’s going to be all about education!).

Speaking of education, your favourite victory of the year was Lunette’s ‘A Little Booklet of Menstruation’. This little booklet is full of helpful info about different products, anatomy, a brilliant menstrual calendar, and so much more! Be sure to have a look if you didn’t before.


  • News from the Menstrual Health Management Symposium in June brought together by UNFPA also captured you all. At this symposium a plan was developed to prioritise menstruation across the life cycle, especially for refugees, those living with HIV/AIDS and transgender menstruators. We love these intersectional approaches to menstruation and their call to action was incredibly inspiring, you can still read it here.
  • Last but not least, one of your favourite victories came from our very special Menopause Memo in October. This article urged us all to say ‘menopause’ three times a day to break the shame and stigma about menopause. (I personally loved creating this memo, learning all about a time in life that for many of us is still yet to come!)

Your favourite victories highlight the importance of education, research, community and integrating the period into our life cycles. And rest assured; we’re listening and will continue to send you updates from the MH Hub and the wider female health community on these areas, as well as so much more!

I’m looking forward to creating more Menstrual Memos as we move into another bloody exciting year!


And if you’re curious, a little bit more about me:

I am a PhD student in Women’s Studies at NUI Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. My research is about women’s embodied activism. Around my university life and working for the MH Hub, I have launched a project called MÍOSTA dedicated to bringing menstrual education to universities and communities around Ireland. You can connect with me on Instagram!