About us:

What is the Menstrual Health Hub?

The Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub) is a global organization that establishes strategic partnerships to promote collaborative, systemic impact around menstrual health worldwide.

The MH Hub is where you can find research, education, policy and innovation around menstrual health, as well as who is doing what, where and how to make menstruation matter.

Our Vision

We envision a world where MENSTRUAL HEALTH IS A PRIORITY in progressing gender equality. Periods should not be a reason why women, girls and those who menstruate cannot THRIVE

Our Mission

Inclusive and impartial, our mission is to IMPROVE COMMUNICATION, CONNECTION AND COLLABORATION through an online platform that centralizes research, education, policy and innovations related to menstrual health.

Our Philosophy

Solutions to menstrual health challenges are as unique as the people seeking them.

We recognize that there are the MANY DIVERSE APPROACHES to improving menstrual health. We acknowledge the incredible contributions being made in this field by a diverse body of advocates and professionals and aim to AMPLIFY THE VOICES of this robust and rapidly growing global community. 

The Hub Approach

To connect, build and sustain a COMMUNITY
of engaged and well-equipped menstrual health actors

To strengthen COORDINATION and unify work under the banner of menstrual health and facilitate collaboration across different sectors

To create an EVIDENCE BASE of menstrual health information via a crowd-sourced and centralized repository of research, education, policy and innovations

To build an ENABLING ENVIRONMENT that advocates for national, regional and international commitments to menstrual health as a priority in progressing gender equality

Pillars of Engagement


Education and learning




Why unify under


Menstrual health is a CROSS-SECTOR ISSUE affecting many areas of women and girls* lives. To date, menstruation has traditionally been addressed under the banner of menstrual hygiene management (MHM) in the development and humanitarian sector. However, we see menstrual health as a more holistic and encompassing term that includes both MHM as well as the broader systemic factors that link menstruation with health, well-being, the environment and equity. (An Opportunity to Address Menstrual Health and Gender Equity, FSG, 2016)

The MH Hub assumes a holistic, cross-sector and interdisciplinary approach that brings all menstrual health actors together. This includes international NGOs, grassroots organizations, researchers, policy makers, health workers, educators, investors, donors, corporations, social entrepreneurs, femtech companies, journalists and individual advocates.

Our Theory of Change

Collective impact requires a common language, as well as alignment with the international common vision for sustainable development. Education, research, policy, awareness, the environment, market forces and technology are all drivers of change that are used in different combinations within current ‘paving pathways’ of work happening around menstrual health.



CROSS-SECTOR COMMUNICATION: Engaging all players equally. Building bridges to increase awareness of ongoing efforts.

CONSTRUCTIVE CONTRIBUTION: Encouraging the contribution resources that are valuable to the wider community.

CREDIT: Promoting the proper acknowledgment of contributions and crediting shared resources accordingly.

COOPERATION (THROUGH COLLABORATION): Recognizing that collective action yields greater impact than individual efforts. Promoting cooperation to fill gaps, avoid duplication and unnecessary competition.

CENTRALIZATION & CONNECTION: Everything related to menstrual health in one place.

CURATION: Tailored information for the variety of menstrual health stakeholders.