We’re well and truly into the festive season, but it’s never too late to get and give a thoughtful gift for the menstruator in your life! In no particular order, here are our five picks from the world of menstrual health.


1. A bathing suit for all stages of their cycle

This is one for those of us who manage their period with pads and tampons. These specially designed swimsuits help people who use these products enjoy their water sports or beachy fun times without fear of losing them. No longer will your pads bunch up and slip off.

2. A sweet little pouch for their menstrual cup

We’re sure the default option that comes with new menstrual cups is fine for most, but purple and pink aren’t necessarily everyone’s favourite colours. Give them something that matches their style and tastes.

3. Wear your inside attitude on the outside

The fearless, outspoken, feminist or sexual and reproductive health and rights activist in your life might appreciate this shirt (if they don’t own it already, that is). It never hurts to remind everyone that uteruses don’t need to be regulated or told what to do… or else.

4. Gorgeous poetry “The Sun and Her Flowers”

Do you remember the picture of the bleeding woman in her sweatpants that was banned from Instagram? Well, not only is Rupi Kaur a taboo-breaker, but she is also one of today’s finest (feminist) contemporary poets. This new collection is a journey of ‘wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming’ and recently won The GoodReads Choice Award for Poetry 2017.

5. Give the gift of better sleep for your honey

If you’ve got a lot of extra cash to spend this holiday and want to give the gift of restorative sleep, consider buying one of the world’s most advanced wearable technologies, the new Oura ring. Crafted in simplistic Scandinavian style out of titanium, the ring measures the physiological signals of your body with three types of sensors: Infrared LEDs, 3D accelerometer and gyroscpe and a NTC body temperature sensor.