It’s not just us – right? You’ve also seen more and more news stories, campaigns, innovative solutions and internet videos dedicated to breaking the bloody taboo around menstruation?


From Clue’s new #JustSayPeriod campaign to the launch of Jennifer Weiss-Wolf’s new book “Periods Gone Public”, the menstrual movement is alive and well, with blood pumping through its veins from India to Australia, the US to Sweden!

That’s because menstruation is currently bleeding from the margins to the mainstream of pop culture ALL across the world.

Our Communications and Content Advisor Erika Mudie pulled together 5 of the best menstrual anthems on the interwebs for your listening pleasure.

  1. Tacocat – Crimson Wave

What’s not to love about this beachy, psych-rock song? It’s got a fun, peppy, carefree feel with thinly veiled period metaphors. It’s impossible to not feel great about menstruation and periods when listening to this song.

Favorite lyric: Can’t believe all the pain I’m in, get me white wine and vicodin.


2. Girliyapa – The Period Song

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was the latest clubbing hit, but it’s actually a parody of Char Baj Gaye, Party Abi Baki Hai that was featured in the film FALTU. We love how this gang of popular YouTube vloggers take aim at not only the advertising cliches of menstruation that are bizarre, sanitized and stigmatising, but also the experience of those who menstruate in Indian society. Ultimately, the song sends the message to everyone that rather than seeing menstruation as a dirty secret, it should be viewed – in fact, embraced – as a natural part of life.

Favorite lyric: World war in our genitals, which we are simply winning.


3. Alex Hermansson – The Period Song

‘Hip, hip hooray for periods!’ is how the chorus for this educational song starts. This song hails from Sweden, where it was featured on Barankanalen – a children’s TV show on the country’s public broadcaster. The fantastic use of ukuleles and dancing tampons as well as the catchy tune will make you wonder why no one thought of this sooner. Our childhoods would certainly have been brighter for it!

Favorite lyric: It’s just a little blood.


4. Skit Box – I Got That Flow

While it may be too late to save our childhoods, it’s not too late to let the rap stylings of Australia’s Skit Box enrich your adult life. Who wouldn’t give a victorious whoop as three women put some men in their place over their squeamishness about menstruation? This a fun reminder that periods are the ‘magic of life’.

Favorite lyric: Can’t handle the natural blood I leak, but you watch violent UFC?


5. Period Sex – Rebecca Bloom

This song was ‘too hot for TV’ and so, couldn’t feature in the original TV broadcast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a musical sitcom from the US. Anyone who menstruates will have their stance on sex during their period. Regardless of how you feel about it, we’re glad this song gets us a little closer to destigmatising period sex.

Favorite lyric: It’s not weird, it’s just another kind of lip gloss.


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